Information About Restorative Dentistry Services

Our team provides corrective oral care treatments that are considered the best in the field. Our attentive dental practitioners at MINT dentistry regularly repair enamel trauma and restore lost teeth to renew function and a lovely appearance to your smile. We hope that you explore our restorative dentistry treatments and find out how our advanced methods could you get enhanced dental wellness and seamless outcomes.

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Utilized to address tooth loss, dental bridges are restorations consisting of a series of dental crowns that connect to surrounding teeth.

Custom dental crowns from MINT can be used to hold together a weak tooth, repair tooth damage, or anchor to an implant for tooth replacement.

Our MINT team offers removable partial and full dentures to replace most or all of your teeth to help restore your oral function and appearance.

A root canal targets a tooth infected internally by removing the damaged pulp, then filling and sealing the tooth.

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